If you have found the Bible to be an obscure and oddly organized book and are not sure how to approach it, you have plenty of company! The Panoramic Bible summarizes the storyline of the entire Bible in historical sequence. Like Google Earth, The Panoramic Bible helps you see the big picture of the Bible as well as the zoomed-in view in 205 “pixels” of the most critical components of that larger story.

The Panoramic Bible was written for...


…to enhance personal study and devotions and to help overcome the many obstacles to reading and understanding Scripture


…to help parents transition their children from kid-friendly stories to reading the whole Bible


…to be a resource for churches and schools for Sunday Schools, home groups and classroom instruction

Click an animated leaf to see sample pixel titles from parts 2, 6 and 8.

205 Digestible Pixels

Major Themes and Events

In The Panoramic Bible “Pixels” are summaries of portions of Scripture that serve as points of biblical “light”, revealing God’s truth, which makes up his reality, illuminated by the Bible.

Reflections, Connections and Illustrations

Guiding, Connection, Interpreting

These special sections will challenge you to apply biblical teaching, encourage your spiritual formation, reveal links and transitions in the biblical text and interpret a number of scenes and events.

Timelines and Maps

Context As You Study

Timelines at the beginning of each Section, and Maps added at key points help you see the movement and transition of people across time

What Others Have Said About The Panoramic Bible

“...a welcome and timely product of careful scholarship and fidelity to the biblical text...filled with clear and concise narrative descriptions...I will encourage many to avail themselves of this rich treasure-trove that offers a gateway to the world of Scripture.”

“Bill has given a great gift to the church. The Panoramic Bible now fills that role of being able to tie the “whole storyline” of the Bible together for both the beginner and veteran Bible student. It makes the truths of Scripture simple to understand and apply.”

“Reading through the Bible can feel like getting lost in a vast, complicated maze. The Panoramic Bible guides us through this maze by providing the storyline of the Bible so that we will not get lost.”

“Hollberg distills, summarizes, explains, and clearly connects the major themes and events of the Bible so that his readers can later transition to that work with much fuller understandings and appreciations of its teachings.”

About the Author
William Hollberg

William Hollberg practiced law in Atlanta, Georgia, for more than forty-five years. He attended Wheaton Academy, Wheaton College (BA, political science), the University of Georgia (JD) and Georgia State University (MA, political science), and served as a legislative assistant to U.S. Senator David H. Gambrell (D-Ga.) in Washington, D.C. in 1972.

William began to read the Bible seriously more than thirty-five years ago and has read through it more than twenty times. His prayer is that The Panoramic Bible, with its straightforward, factual-based language that does not assume familiarity with the Christian faith, will break down common barriers to reading it so people can better understand who God is and enjoy who they can be as his children.

Bill and his wife, Shirley, have lived in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1973, where he has served as an elder at his church. Atlanta is also home to their two adult sons and three grandchildren.

Author Photo of William Hollberg

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